Why Restaurants Need Regular Grease Trap Cleanings

restaurantOne of the main objectives by restaurant owners is to keep their premises clean. This is a challenge in most restaurants especially in waste removal making grease trap a necessity. The dishwasher and garbage disposals are mostly affected in waste disposal because they have high amounts of fats, oils and grease from the wide variety of foods prepared in the restaurant. These fats and oils usually solidifies causing the drains to clog or even sewer back up. Grease trap services prevents these oils and fats from solidifying in septic tanks or in the drains. Most restaurants have grease trap services for the following reasons:

Reduces plumbing costs

Although you will need plumbing services from time to time, you won’t have to call your plumber often because the drains will not clog. This will help you reduce the cost of repairing or maintaining drains in your restaurant. However, you should be keen to notice any problems and contact a plumber even if you’ve installed grease traps.

Fast drains

Grease traps facilitates the use of sinks constantly because the drains will not be clogged whether the dishes cleaned are having fats and oils or not. Also, you will not have to slow down waiting for septic service from a professional or stop using the sink even in a busy restaurant as it will rarely clog. However, the grease trap has to be maintained to be effective. Hence, you should schedule regular maintenance to guarantee that the trap is working effectively.

Keeps your business running

Most business owners do not like shutting off their business because it translates to lost revenue. Food service business is very sensitive and as a result of regular inspections, you may end up closing your business for some time to have your kitchen drain problem fixed. If you’ve installed grease traps, your business will rarely be put on a stand still because your waste disposal will be efficient.

Grease trap is an effective method in waste removal whether for commercial or residential use. Grease interceptors also aid in maintaining good plumbing systems both in restaurants and in homes.

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